Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don't be fooled by Star Godzilla(ps it;s kinda the real 100th post,but shh)

Due to sickness Ive just been kinda laying around the house enjoying the mindless boredom,while trying to find something to watch, I finally threw in the towel and went with a Godzillathon. Nothing takes away head pains and fever, then good old giant monsters destroying shit and being loud.

After sitting thur Terror Of MechaGodzilla(1975) for the 100Th time,a great movie that isn't hurt from it's lack of big G,I jumped around the net and discovered the 1970s Japanese TV show Zone Fighter,where Godzilla shows up as a side kick for The hero of that show. This opened my eyes to other Godzilla shows or films i didn't know about due to my real lack of research. Next thing I found was Star Godzilla.From the review at the great site Stomp,it seemed to be a real Godzilla film that was really lost due to it's Hong Kong ripoff background.

And since the review had photos and a real Variety ad for it, I thought it was real,silly me. I then actually tried to research it for 30 mins, and after finding a YouTube video for it, I couldn't wait to see this lost film.

I was then Rick rolled!

Tragically it isn't a real film, and after rereading the review, I discovered that the good people at were playing a April Fools joke,and if you at the bottom of the review they put Hint on it,so that shows my dumbness.By other Internet sources the Godzilla suit photos are from One Crazy Summer(1986) and the monster he fights is from Infra man(1975),now of course i have to get those two films.

All in all it wasn't too bad, I discovered Zone Fighter(1973,TV) and those 2 films,all 3 i have to track down. So for anyone who Ran into Star Godzilla as well it's ok, I know the feeling.

With that check out for that review and other great reviews of scifi madness,Godzilla Beastness, and other great and down right cheesy films.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lazy Week and post

Just been busy at work and home, but i did watch Batman and Robin(1997), and died laughing when i found out that Director Joel Schumacher apologized for it in a making of video.

here's the apology video

Also I watched a great episode of French and Saunders that spoofed Fellini,Spot on riff of 8 1/2(1963)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interview with Reb Brown for Night Claws(2011)

Found this on a lazy sunday while messing around youtube. It's amazing being able to to say soon i can see a "new" Reb movie instead of finding a copy of his older work.

Reb on the set of Night Claws(2011)

Monday, July 18, 2011

trailer for a non bs art movie: Kwaidan(1965)

Heres a trailer for the amazing jhorror classic Kwaidan

Wtf Interview with Abel Ferrara

Couldnt upload it, theres the link above. Conan's greatest interview. Abel just looks drunk as hell

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super quick thoughts on Long Live Your Death(1971 aka Don't Turn the Other Cheek)

Franco Nero plays a so called russian prince who with a crazy Irish woman and a Mexican bandit(played by Eli Wallach),join forces to find a large amount of gold during a Mexican revolution.

And that in a nutshell is the plot for Long Live Your Death. It's a western slapstick affair,where the jokes go from funny to just mind numbing painful. Franco plays the slap stick well,but the dubbing is so over done that most of his one liners just don't work.Eli Wallach on the other hand doesn't have these issues,he comes off as funny and it's just a low grade repeat of his role as Taco/Ugly from The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly(1966),but it works for him.Lynn Redgrave is just hit and miss the whole time as the Irish woman,her accent being the biggest handicap,she just drops it at odd times in the movie.

Another odd turn in the movie is the plot point involving the gold location being a map on a man's ass(that's why the title don't turn the other cheek). This is only movie i know of that uses that as a main plot point. The action in the movie is a major highlight in my book, and theres some great shootouts in this, the wishing well shootout is amazing and inventive. The ending revolt and getaway were good too.

In sum Long Live Your Death is just hit and miss, great action, but lots of unfunny jokes, it's at least worth one view

Absolutely Fabulous..more random bad taste and late happy bday